Cordoba Partners

A Boutique Merchant Bank operating in Saudi Arabia.

Why Cordoba?

Cordoba Partnerships is a merchant banking boutique firm that delivers a unique service of marrying opportunities with relationships, driven by long-term strategic goals of our clients, assuring alignment of interests among all stakeholders.

Cordoba Partners speaks of the values we embraced and led to conquering Cordoba in 698AD. We operate under values that will bring back the Andalusian heritage to our business societies.

What we provide?

We focus on deal structuring among mid-market growth companies, in additional to a lean investment management approach for family offices and endowments.

Cordoba’s robust investment management framework ensures the right opportunities are diligently matched with our client’s risk attributes, finding the right mix between the preferred risk tolerance with attractive returns.

Your Partners

Alignment of all stakeholders interests is a driving force behind our purpose.

Local with a Global Reach

A global network of advisors and partners, widening your perspective.


Ability to move quickly and effectively, saving time and resources.


Our vast network includes access to top investment houses.


Convenient access to an investment bank in your back office!

Unique Experience

Observed unique business cycles that enhances our discovery for overlooked opportunities.




Noun [kor-duh-bah]

A city in Andalusia, Southern Spain. In the 8th century it became the capital of the Islamic Emirate, and in the 10th century it became the centre of education, science, medicine, financial innovation and advancements of society.